Take the Daily Icon Challenge

The team at Smashicons is always up for a challenge and we have been invited to a great new site called dailyicon.co. The smash team and others have been receiving a new brief every day, each briefing has been well thought out to create a fun yet sometimes tough icon challenges.

Check out some of our challenge results!

Loads of designers of different experiences have been taking part and it has been great seeing the results on social media channels. It is a great tool for building up your icon portfolio and sharing work with others and for just testing your abilities.

Dailyicon have laid off on all the fancy bells and whistles and have created a clean and simple website that has instructions on how to sign up for the challenge. Once a designer has signed up the begin receiving the daily challenges that include clear instructions on the size and the style of the icons. When the challenge is complete then you can upload your artwork to your social media pages tagging dailyicon.co.

Here are some of our favorite icons challenges from this month.

So if you folks have liked what you have seen so far and would like to take up the challenge, go over to dailyicon.co. We have loved the icons so far and can’t wait to see lots of new designers and their icons.

Here are some of the dailyicon challengers