15 Free Adobe Illustrator Actions to Help Your Icon Workflow

Here at Smashicons we have optimized our workflow so that we can create high-quality icons as efficiently as possible. Although we create a high volume of icons we ensure that we do not compromise on quality. To help us achieve large volumes of icons we have perfected our drawing process, our team concluded that using actions combined with certain keyboard shortcuts is best for increased efficiency.

We have compiled our actions and created a nice package that we would like to share with our readers to help you guys with your icon creation. Some of these actions may seem simple and some of them really are, but when used properly they can shave minutes off your icon creation.

This is the first set of actions that we are going to share with you guys, we will be sharing more so make sure you keep checking our blog to build up an impressive set of actions to create your perfect workflow.

Smashicons – Free Adobe Illustrator Actions


Check out these awesome time-saving actions. We are giving these actions to our readers for free. When used in conjunction with our tutorials, these actions will shave minutes off creating your icons.


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  • Show Grid
  • Snap to Grid
  • Icon Stroke
  • Repeat Icon Horizontal
  • Add Anchor Points
  • Flip Horizontal
  • Flip Vertical
  • Rotate 45 - Counter
  • Rotate 45 - Clockwise
  • Offset -4px
  • Offset 4px
  • Isometric - Ver
  • Isometric - Hor
  • Offset 6px - Perspective
  • Copy 6px - Perspective

Here's how to use our icons - Reflecting

It’s a simple one alright, but this saves you several mouse clicks, which ultimately saves you time.

Setting icon stroke parameters

The icon stroke action will set all of the optimal settings for your icons. It will set the correct black, 2px stroke width ideal for pixel perfect, rounded edges and end caps.

Offset Paths

The offset -4px action will offset inside shapes to the ideal dimensions for pixel perfect icons.

The opposite of offset -4px, this will offset outers shapes and retain pixel perfect geometry.  Although simple, when used properly it can save you minutes.

Perspective - Isometric Icons

These actions are great for creating Isometric Icons. We have actions for creating both vertical and horizontal isometric icons.