Check out our favorite icons from March 2018

Every month we like to check out other designers work to give us inspiration for our icon packs, there are loads of fantastic pieces of artwork out there that we would like to share with you. Let these awesome designers inspire you, as much as they have inspired the Smash team.

Icon Set - by Anton Antonov
Minimal Icons - by Libertostudio
Isometric Icons - by ZeBang
Infrastructure Icons - by Igor Gedz
Purple Icons - by Wzuer
PFM icons - 32x32 - by Rocco Barbaro
Sports icons (Glyph) - by Supi
M icons - by Sergey
Skills Icons - by Kyle Anthony Miller
Feature Icons - by Matt Dayton
Analytic Icons - by Sergey Kolpakov
Breakfast Icons - by Vy Tat
SIP Feature Icons - by Andrei Goncalves
Isometric Feature Icons - by Paul Adi